He's just sleeping.

"When reading, we don't fall in love with the characters' appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their heart. We fall in love with their souls."


im laughing so hard because no matter what song you listen to 

spiderman dances to the beat

no matter what song
ive been testing it and lauing my ass off for an hour

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George’s lips.

Driving me crazy since ALWAYS.

sydarthuur asked: no matter how many times i watch hello goodbye i never get tired of the music video it just makes me so happy and they all act so frigging cute



OMFG that music video gives me life sdjvfcvdf!! I get what you mean…when they dance all exaggerated though omfg those dorks (‘: 

can we just….

Let’s talk about how sexy he is.

Ed Sheeran doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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And when I touch you I feel happy


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